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Top 10 DVDs

  1. The X-Files: 3rd Season
      David Duchovny
  2. Space Cowboys
      Tommy Lee Jones
  3. Miss Congeniality
      Sandra Bullock
  4. Emperor's New Groove
  5. Finding Forrester
      Sean Connery
  6. The Mummy
      Brendan Fraser
  7. Sex and the City:
      Second Season
      Sarah Jessica Parker
  8. What Women Want
      Mel Gibson
  9. Gladiator
      Russell Crowe
 10. All the Pretty Horses
       Matt Damon


Nonfiction Bestsellers

Bridget Jones's Diary
Only: $8.49

Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Only: $9.99

The Darwin Awards
Only: $10.99

Slim Down Solution

Blocks fat from entering your system. What do I get? Slim Down Solution - 60 tablets 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Slim Down Solution is an all-natural tablet that contains D-Glucosamine, a natural fat magnet that's been refined, extracted and concentrated to its purest form. ...Read More

Health Mark Pro Inversion Table

The Pro Inversion is a fabulous way to allow the forces of gravity to work for you rather than against you as they do in the aging process. Gravity really is the root cause of many of the effects that we see in our bodies through the aging process. ...Read More

Proactiv® Acne Treatment Kit

There are so many myths about acne and skin care and Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy A. Fields want to set the record straight. Rodan and Fields, makers of the Proactiv® Solution would like the public to know the truth about acne. IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! ...Read More

Ab Energizer™

Get the most effective and effortless abdominal exerciser on the market today. The AB Energizer™ is also the most complete system that includes gel, a dietary supplement, an instructional video, a weight loss guide and two electronic exercising units. ...Read More

Epil Stop and Spray

Just a few minutes with Epil Stop and Spray will leave you hair-free for up to six weeks! It's the newest addition to the famous Epil Stop family of hair removal products and the perfect way to remove unwanted hair from anywhere on your body! Simply spray...Read More

Space Bags

Are you running out of storage space in your house, store, or even your RV? Well the Space Bag® is the answer to your problems. The Space Bag® can reduce the storage space of items by up to 75%! ....Read More

Sewing Genie™

The Sewing Genie mini sewing machine is so compact, you can hold it in the palm of your hand, and so portable you can store it in a drawer. Even if you've never sewed a stitch, you can sew like a pro. At only 8 inches tall and weighing only 3 pounds,...Read More

Rotato Potato Peeler

Perfectly peeled potatoes in seconds! Peel potatoes, fruits and vegetables with one easy motion! Built-in potato eye/blemish remover! Robotized arm adjusts to different heights and widths to hold food securely! Virtually eliminates food waste! Dishwasher safe! ...Read More


Clap on! Clap off! You remember the commercials! Well now, The Clapper® can do more than just turn your lights on and off! The Clapper® can now control more than one appliance at the same time! It comes with two outlets, one that is set to activate on two claps and the other to activate on three claps. Simply plug in...Read More

I Love You Roses
Nothing says "I love
you" like red roses!
Only: $59.95

Lmini Silver Digital

640 x 480 max
After Rebate: $34.99

Portable CD Player
w/ Car Kit

40 second electronic
Only: $29.99

Refurbished Flatbed

600 x 1200 max
After Rebate: $29.99


Better Homes & Gardens
12 Monthly Issues
Save 56%
Only: $15.95
Family Circle
17 Issues Per Year
Save 37%
Only: $15.95
12 Monthly Issues
Save 67%
Only: $11.95
Kytec Body Fat Analyzer
• Accurate and easy to use
• Travels Anywhere
• Lightweight
• Stores up to four personal profiles

  Only: $178.00

Tae Bo

Achieve the body you've
always wanted!
Only: $42.49

Buns of Steel 2000
Shape your buns fast.
Only: $12.99

Kathy Smith's
Timesaver Workout

Lift Weights to Lose Weight.
Only: $12.99

Disney World Racing
Only: $12.99
Final Fantasy IX
Only: $39.99
The Mummy
Only: $19.99

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